Zeeshan and Justin Active Communities Mentor Programme Feedback

Zeeshan Mentoring Feedback

“During my time working with EmployabilityUK, I have developed my interpersonal skills, my confidence and my focus when performing tasks. They have also encouraged me to be more social and to talk to people and network more readily which was nerve racking to start but has really helped me build my confidence.

Working with my mentor has been a very helpful and supportive journey for me and I have enjoyed the time with him and hope to continue to have his support in future.” – Zeeshan Habib.

EUK joined forces with Active Communities to target 16- to 24-year-olds within the Birmingham area in the delivery of bespoke Virtual Workshops to build confidence, boost employability and increase skills and opportunities whether entering further/higher education or employment. Following an introductory session, each Learner was invited to attend our full workshop programme of four sessions, on weekly Zoom calls.

The objectives for the programme are to build relationships with our Learners where trust will be a key factor to the development of confidence to take steps to get the most appropriate skills for the world of work, volunteering, or FE/HE.

Learners were able to take part in activities and discussions about what the future is/could be like and what the future can hold for them, including the next steps.

Learners were then given the chance to have access to a mentor to discuss in a one-to-one situation how to boost and build skills and confidence.

Zeeshan is one such student who took the opportunity to benefit from mentoring sessions and has built up a brilliant relationship with his mentor Justin Southwick.

“Working with Zeeshan has been a frankly inspiring experience. Zeeshan has consistently demonstrated that with the right support and focus anything is possible. His determination and effort as well as his willingness to learn, adapt and take on challenges has been fantastic. I will enjoy supporting Zeeshan into the future and well beyond his expected mentorship programme and look forward to watching him develop and enter the world of work.” – Justin Southwick

Carter Thermal Industries Group
Justin Southwick is a longstanding supporter of EmployabilityUK and Head of Digital Sales and Marketing at Carter Thermal Industries Group. As part of his contributions to our organisation, he holds one to one sessions with young people across the UK to improve their prospects, boost their confidence and to create a career roadmap as part of their journey with EmployabilityUK.

If you would like to learn more about our mentoring opportunities, or to devote your time to aiding a young person in exceeding their potential, please get in touch through our contact page.