Zeeshan Mentoring Feedback

Zeeshan and Justin Active Communities Mentor Programme Feedback

“During my time working with EmployabilityUK, I have developed my interpersonal skills, my confidence and my focus when performing tasks. They have also encouraged me to be more social and to talk to people and network more readily which was nerve racking to start but has really helped me build my confidence. Working with my […]

A BCU Graduate’s Experience on our Virtual Workshops

“Definitely give it a shot!” Our 2020 Virtual Workshops were designed to boost the confidence, skills and prospects of young people of a variety of ages. Attendees came from across the UK and, in some cases, even further afield. The Workshops attracted school and university students, apprentices and the young unemployed, among others. Below is […]

Michael van der Zwaluw’s Experience at our Virtual Workshops

“I would absolutely 100% recommend going for the course!” Michael van der Zwaluw joined us on our summer Virtual Workshop programme, where we delivered an introductory session and four further Zoom-based employability skills sessions covering the A-Z of Super Confidence, vision boards and more. What motivated you to sign up for the EmployabilityUK workshops? The […]