A BCU Graduate’s Experience on our Virtual Workshops

“Definitely give it a shot!”

Our 2020 Virtual Workshops were designed to boost the confidence, skills and prospects of young people of a variety of ages. Attendees came from across the UK and, in some cases, even further afield. The Workshops attracted school and university students, apprentices and the young unemployed, among others.

Below is the anonymous feedback we received from a recent graduate of Birmingham City University.

What did you find most valuable about the workshops?

The resilience sessions. Before the session, I don’t believe I completely understood what resilience meant to me, being a better person, and how making time for understanding my own resilience in my personal life can impact resilience in my employment.

In what way do you think attending the workshops benefitted you the most?

I have started to think ahead in a more critical and analytical way in terms of future employment following university. I understand now a little clearer how I may be able to balance my workload and my family also.

What did you learn in your favourite workshop session?

You can expect dedicated volunteers and staff members with a range of backgrounds and job roles to provide you with very balanced and rounded information sessions, which will not only help your professional mindset and attitude toward employment but also the way you organise your home life. There is a huge emphasis on being the best person you can be or are able to be which is a really nice contrast to the focus on employability. This is not just a series of workshops drilling dress codes and workplace practices into everybody taking part, it is a guided experience with professional guest speakers who really know what they’re talking about. Employability is so much more than being able to get a job, and this course really eases your mindset into that in a friendly and relaxed environment where everyone felt comfortable to share and join in.

Would you recommend EUK to others?

Definitely, yes!

What would you say to anyone thinking of participating in an EUK workshop?

Definitely give it a shot – especially if you get the chance to go in person as I imagine the atmosphere and networking opportunities would be even more enjoyable that they are in the online sessions!

How would you rate the workshops?

Five-Star Rating