Zeeshan Mentoring Feedback

Zeeshan and Justin Active Communities Mentor Programme Feedback

“During my time working with EmployabilityUK, I have developed my interpersonal skills, my confidence and my focus when performing tasks. They have also encouraged me to be more social and to talk to people and network more readily which was nerve racking to start but has really helped me build my confidence. Working with my […]

Michael van der Zwaluw’s Experience at our Virtual Workshops

“I would absolutely 100% recommend going for the course!” Michael van der Zwaluw joined us on our summer Virtual Workshop programme, where we delivered an introductory session and four further Zoom-based employability skills sessions covering the A-Z of Super Confidence, vision boards and more. What motivated you to sign up for the EmployabilityUK workshops? The […]

Erin Jones

Erin Jones’ Volunteer Experience with EmployabilityUK

Erin Jones is a Volunteer Operations Officer at EmployabilityUK. She contributes to both the Business Development and Marketing Communications teams, and has contributed immeasurably to various areas of the organisation, especially the launch of the Student Voice. Hi Erin! Tell us a bit about how you got involved with EmployabilityUK as a volunteer… As a […]

Katherine Hall

Katherine Hall’s Volunteer Experience with EmployabilityUK

Katherine Hall is a Volunteer Marketing Officer with EmployabilityUK. She joined the organisation seeking to put the business and marketing skills she had learned in the lecture hall to work. Hi Katherine! Tell us a bit about your time volunteering with EUK so far… During my few months at EmployabilityUK I have already been able […]

Lydia Ruston

Lydia Ruston’s Volunteer Experience with EmployabilityUK

Lydia Ruston is a Volunteer Marketing Officer with EmployabilityUK, where she works on the charity’s social media strategy, forms an integral part of the Marketing Communications Team. Hi Lydia! Tell us a bit about your involvement with EmployabilityUK… During the lockdown, I was fortunate enough to take on the role of a Marketing Assistant for […]

Simran Kaur

Simran Kaur’s Volunteer Experience with EmployabilityUK

Simran Kaur is a Volunteer Marketing Officer at EmployabilityUK and works tirelessly to boost our social media presence and further our promotional efforts. Hi Simran! Tell us about your role with EmployabilityUK… In the last couple of months, I’ve had the privilege to work alongside EmployabilityUK as a Marketing Officer on a volunteer basis. Being […]

COVID-19 Impact

Covid-19: The Impact of Lockdown Life on Young People’s Mental Wellbeing

The Coronavirus pandemic has been unprecedented, unplanned, and unlike any event that’s gone before. With mental health week just passed last month, we thought we’d reflect on the impact it’s had on young people and their mental well-being. Recent studies from The Childhood Trust charity have found that many had concerns for their family’s health, […]

Reaching NEETs and Raising Aspirations

Reaching NEETs and Raising Aspirations

Over 2 million young people live in poverty in Britain today, according to Impetus (1). Their researchers have found that the gap in youth employment between young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and their better-off peers is stark – disadvantaged young people are twice as likely to not be in education, employment or training (NEET) (Sep […]