Simran Kaur’s Volunteer Experience with EmployabilityUK

Simran Kaur

Simran Kaur is a Volunteer Marketing Officer at EmployabilityUK and works tirelessly to boost our social media presence and further our promotional efforts.

Hi Simran! Tell us about your role with EmployabilityUK…

In the last couple of months, I’ve had the privilege to work alongside EmployabilityUK as a Marketing Officer on a volunteer basis. Being inducted straight away into the marketing team and business team, I was given full insight into how the charity works and what they hope to achieve.

Tell us about how you got involved with EUK as a volunteer

I first came across EmployabilityUK through my university, A job offer entitled “marketing officer”. I applied with my CV and cover letter expressing my interests and experience, and by the next day, I was offered an interview, and within a week, I was a full-fledged member of the team.

What was your first task as a Volunteer Marketing Officer and how did it go?

With expert guidance from all the team, I was tasked with creating a document providing my personal views and recommended implementations for the future of EUK’s social media channels.

Liaising with the marketing team and business development team, I was able to create a document that reflected the current situation and how, as a team, we could correct this. Receiving positive feedback and constructive criticism to improve my strategy, we have started the process of implementing new and refreshed ideas for EUK’s social media.

What else have you been working on whilst volunteering for the charity? (projects, involvement, etc.)

Since starting with EmployabilityUK, I have been involved with improving and creating a new strategic marketing plan. My personal contribution includes; creating a social media strategy plan, which has been introduced to up followers and engagements across all social media platforms. Creating new and updated content to promote our workshops and a marketing project in collab with other BCU students to help get more volunteers to register and sign up for workshops.

What have you valued most about your volunteering experience with EmployabilityUK?

As a Marketing student, the experience I’ve gained through EUK is an accomplishment, and has provided me with skills I will carry on for my future endeavours. Knowing I’ve made an impact to reach like-minded young people like myself, who are looking for extra support to break through the career ladder is invaluable.

What skills have you developed as a EUK volunteer?

Since joining employability UK, I believe I have improved and gained new skills. I have refined my organisational, research and creative skills. As well as getting various experiences in getting management roles. Thus developing my marketing knowledge and benefitting me by getting quality guidance.

Would you recommend volunteering with EUK?

I would absolutely recommend volunteering with EmployabilityUK if you’re looking to improve your cv or looking for a new challenge or want to help make a difference in a young person life. The team at EmployabilityUK will support you, ensuring you get the best out of your volunteering role and always feel part of the group, no matter how young or inexperienced you are.