Erin Jones’ Volunteer Experience with EmployabilityUK

Erin Jones

Erin Jones is a Volunteer Operations Officer at EmployabilityUK. She contributes to both the Business Development and Marketing Communications teams, and has contributed immeasurably to various areas of the organisation, especially the launch of the Student Voice.

Hi Erin! Tell us a bit about how you got involved with EmployabilityUK as a volunteer…

As a 2020 graduate, leaving university in such an uncertain time was tough. I’d found myself in what seemed like an endless cycle of spending every day applying for job after job, and hearing nothing back. There was just so much competition out there due to the pandemic. It was disheartening, and at times I wondered if this cycle would ever end.

After seeing a post of mine on LinkedIn, Di Vernon – EmployabilityUK’s Founder and Chief Executive, contacted me to discuss joining the charity as a volunteer. I was over the moon – not only would this opportunity give me great experiences and networking opportunities, it would allow me to support a fantastic cause and young people in a similar situation to myself, as well as add some variety to my day-to-day life.

What have you been up to whilst volunteering for the charity?

As a member of the Business Development and Marketing Communications teams, I have been given plenty of opportunities to learn and develop, and have been lucky enough to be involved in a range of projects – including the transformation of face-to-face workshops to virtual delivery; and the formation of the Creative Team. I also picked up the launch process for the Student Voice area, building on previous work to develop an area led by young people, for young people. I’m thrilled to have been present for the launch at the end of a challenging year for everyone.

What do you like most about working with EmployabilityUK?

With employability at its core, it was clear to me from the start how much the team wanted to ensure that my role at EUK was as beneficial to me as it was to the charity.

Something I’ve especially enjoyed about working with EUK is seeing the effects of what I do, and knowing that my input does make a difference and is always truly appreciated. In my time with the charity I have worked with various stakeholders and met (virtually, of course) such an impressive range of people from all sorts of backgrounds with a huge amount of knowledge. The support from the other charity members has been incredible. Everybody has been so keen to help me develop, as well as support me on my job search outside of the charity.

What skills have you developed as an EmployabilityUK volunteer?

During my time volunteering with EUK, I’ve grown in self-confidence, I have been given fantastic learning opportunities, and I truly believe I have developed professionally. I have recently been offered a role within an academy of schools, and I honestly believe my experience with EUK has supported me in landing this role. I am so grateful to Di and everybody at EmployabilityUK for their support during such an unprecedented time, and for providing me with so many opportunities during my time with the charity.

Would you recommend volunteering with EmployabilityUK?

Definitely! If you are reading this and considering contacting EUK about joining as a volunteer – I couldn’t recommend it more, and promise you will not regret it. The team is fabulous and you will truly feel valued every single day.