Shelfield Experience

How exciting was that?

On 1st July 2021, as part of a Sixth Form Induction programme, a large group of soon to be Year 12’s gathered in a lecture theatre at Ormiston Shelfied Community Academy to take part in a presentation given by EmployabilityUK.

It was EUK’s first encounter back in a classroom environment. After over a year of delivering virtual workshops, which have worked brilliantly, have been well attended and added to our portfolio of delivery. It was great to get back to face to face provision.

The students filled the lecture theatre and Krys and Tim, representatives from EUK delivered the session, with Krys Nosek introducing the Charity to the audience, with a history of who we are and what we do. After some interaction with the learners, Krys introduced Tim Bishop, a volunteer, who supports the charity and has actively delivered on our virtual workshops.

Tim relayed some background information from his corporate days highlighting the importance of soft skills and continued development. He then went on to deliver a highly interactive and engaging A-Z of Super-Confidence presentation.

After a very successful delivery, Krys took the floor to talk about volunteering for the charity and then talked about standing out from the crowd – and by volunteering, you do just that. Krys also discussed how good volunteering looks on a CV, and also a university personal statement. Many of the young people were volunteering already in various roles, and indicated an interest in our charity.

The presentation was over all too quickly for the presenters, who massively enjoyed the renewed opportunity for face-to-face delivery. However, the session was extended when many students stayed behind to talk to Tim and Krys about a variety of employability skills questions and opportunities..

Speaking after the session, Louise Bradley, Assistant Principal at Ormiston Shelfield Community Academy said:

It was a brilliant session this morning by Employability UK on the A-Z of Super Confidence, as part of our 6th form transition programme. The students thoroughly enjoyed it; Tim’s presentation was highly engaging and he managed to bring them alive with their feedback and power poses. Thank you – it was a session that has definitely given them plenty of positives to think about.