Employability Workshop at Birmingham City University

Power to stand out from the crowds, Don’t go home without it!

… And they most certainly didn’t! Birmingham City University students who attended the workshop, delivered by EmployabilityUK at the city centre campus on the 9th of November, took away a boost of confidence and their newly created vision boards giving them clarity of their goals and the motivation to work towards achieving them. It was indeed inspiration central with focus on confidence, resilience and personal aspirations.



The oxford dictionaries define confidence as a feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities…

During his session, John Dooner delivered practical techniques to raise self-assurance in his A-Z of Super confidence. He reminded attendees that confidence was contextual and that it was important to take ownership of one’s own drive. He advised that challenges should be dealt with with heart (passion), soul (belief) and backbone (necessary resources – personal or acquired). He also delivered his own spin on the fake it till you make it mantra – recommending role-play in rehearsing confidence with memory (previous accomplishments) and positive self-talk (seeing yourself as you wish to be). With regards to overcoming crippling fear, John encouraged the act of enjoying the feeling of managing one’s fear – doing it afraid and acknowledging the accomplishment.
Rob Ball followed with a motivational session on resilience, overcoming challenges and making the best of life’s opportunities. This was then followed by vision boarding – facilitated by Diane Vernon and Krystyna Nosek.


Overall feedback was very positive with confidence reverberating around the room. Joe said, ‘what I’m taking away from this is a happier me.’ Asia asserted, ‘Just having the steps in my head is going to help me with gaining confidence. I think this is also going to help me in interviews’. And Pooja affirmed, ‘For me, coming here today was a big step. I really enjoyed the talks and found them motivational’.

Well done BCU! Well done team!