Employability Workshop at Birmingham City University

Power to stand out from the crowds, Don’t go home without it! … And they most certainly didn’t! Birmingham City University students who attended the workshop, delivered by EmployabilityUK at the city centre campus on the 9th of November, took away a boost of confidence and their newly created vision boards giving them clarity of […]

“Why bother?” by John Dooner

I’ve been a teacher, head-teacher and worked in Local Government in education-related areas. The majority of my work has been with young people who faced challenges that have worked their way to the surface, all too often in “acting out” behaviour. Then there were the young people who “acted in”, they built a fortress on […]

Voice of Reason: Bhanu Dhir

Skills and Productivity FE News has reported, under the headline “sharper focus needed on skills crucial to UK productivity” that “BEIS and DfE do not currently have sufficient understanding of what specific skills businesses really need or how Brexit will affect the already difficult task of ensuring the supply of STEM skills in the workforce.” […]