EmployabilityUK now offers Employability Skills Programmes which will give your child the edge when it comes to applying for a job or at that all-important interview. A brand new programme for 16-18 year olds that are keen to stand out from the crowd.

Brought to you by the team of experts at EmployabilityUK, in 2 sessions, your child will learn skills that will help them to be more confident, better prepared for the world of work and more employable.

They will develop a CV and research and deliver a presentation with the direct support and encouragement from a coach from the business world.

This programme is not about careers and isn’t industry-specific. Instead it is about those all-important skills that the school curriculum doesn’t always cover. The workshops are held outside of school time and the exact content of each programme may vary depending on the facilities available.

Give your son or daughter the best chance of preparing themselves for their next steps by enrolling them on a programme today.

Upcoming Programmes

Employability Skills Programme at The Development Centre, Wolverhampton Science Park

The next programme will be held at University of Wolverhampton Science Park in April and places are limited. Times and dates of sessions are shown below.

Wednesday 4 April (10.30 –  2.30)
Thursday 5 April (10.30 – 2.30)

Reserve a place today by completing the form below. Once we have received your details, you will be sent an email containing details of how to send payment for this programme.

The cost of this programme is just £49

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