What is the Mentoring Programme?

The mentoring programme provides a network of business mentors who connect with young people in schools, academies and colleges, to give an insight into their roles in the world of business and commerce. It delivers work-related skills to inspire students and give real experiences of work. The programme is very flexible, can vary in duration so it is shaped to your individual school needs. Mentoring can be one to one or in groups, which is particularly useful for students that are studying similar subjects.

The Mentoring Programme aims to:

  • Help students to understand what happens in the workplace
  • Enhance what is learnt at school
  • Raise awareness of the different routes into employment and employers’ expectations
  • Link students with someone who understands the demands of the workplace and can suggest ways in which they can network and make contacts

How does it work?

When you join the Mentoring Programme, you commit your school to work with EmployabilityUK for the duration of the programme and fully support all tasks and activities.

Your students will be partnered with a volunteer mentor. This person may or may not be linked to the career the student envisaged but the Mentoring Programme is designed to help make your students more employable, not provide detailed information about entry into a specific career or job role.

You will be responsible for ensuring your students maintain contact with their mentor every week throughout the programme. The may be by meeting with them, emailing or using Skype.

Meetings may take place at school, at the mentor’s workplace or sometimes in a mutually agreed location e..g a cafe or library.

EmployabilityUK has a very comprehensive safeguarding policy and has its own checks on mentors. You will be responsible for DBS checks of mentors if deemed necessary.

Students may get work shadowing opportunities and may take part in a workplace visit.

What does the mentor do?

Mentors aim to:

  • Offer students expertise and ideas
  • Encourage self belief and resilience
  • Provide guidance and act as a critical friend
  • Help students understand business-essential character traits and behaviours
  • Broaden your student’s horizons
  • Listen and inspire!

Application Forms

Register to become a member by completing the forms below and returning them to us.

Mentors Registration

Mentors Registration

Mentor Role Description

Mentor Role Description

Ways to make a difference

Ways to make a difference