Whitley Academy and Foxford Academy students experience real workplaces

EmployabilityUK’s exciting partnership with Coventry Building Society continues with more than 80 employee volunteers involved in bringing their knowledge and expertise to almost 100 students from six secondary schools in Coventry.

One of the Coventry’s volunteers said:

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to be involved with EmployabilityUK, I think it’s a brilliant programme, and fantastic that these young people are being given an excellent unique opportunity like this, that can make a difference to their futures. I felt proud to be involved.”

As part of the programme, students are invited to visit the Coventry’s Head Office in Binley to experience for themselves the look and feel of a real workplace. During the visit students get to meet staff involved in a wide range of departments such as financial crime, marketing, communications and procurement.

One student, Jade (pictured) told us about her experience of the programme so far:
“I really enjoyed the session where we created a CV. My own CV was very short and basic. With the help of the team from the Coventry, I now have a professional-looking CV that I am proud of. I have actually used it to apply for a job, which I got and I started this week!”


Another student told us about how much her confidence has grown since starting the programme. Indeed, her coordinator Jhuma said:
“This programme has already had a big impact on our students. The change in so many of them is incredible. We have students that didn’t really contribute very much in class, who are now proactively working on their tasks and demonstrating exceptional employability skills.”

The programme continues with a series of presentations for all schools in participating in the programme from a range of professionals from many different backgrounds and organisations. Students will hear about management and team building techniques from educationalist and industry expert John Dooner, they will learn about the work of International Search and Rescue from West Midlands Fire Service and get inspiration and tips from Todd from Spaghetti Agency.

At Foxford Academy students were given an insight in to real-life work and career pathways with West Midlands Police. One of our two speakers from Coventry Local Policing Unit, Chief Superintendent Danny Long who is Commander for Coventry Police delivered an inspirational talk to students at Foxford School and Community Arts College in Longford.

Danny said:
“It was great to meet the students at Foxford and have the opportunity to contribute to their employability programme. Students have a lot to think about when it comes to career pathways and choices. It was good to hear their questions and give a steer on how policing works, the range of careers we have and how they could progress into working with West Midlands Police in the future.”


Chief Superintendent Danny Long, Commander for Coventry Police inspires students with examples of how the job can sometimes have a fun side as well as being very serious and doing challenging work.

The programme concludes in July with an event at Coventry University where all students and volunteers will come together to share their stories and celebrate their successes.

For more information about the pioneering work EmployabilityUK is doing in schools with Coventry Building Society and other partners, visit us at: www.employabilityuk.org or contact diane.vernon@employabilityuk.org
or call 0345 601 5551.

Thanks to Nigel at Red Apple Photography for the photographs of the students on their visit to The Coventry.

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