What an amazing 5 years ……..

We are thrilled to celebrate our 5th Anniversary!

What an amazing journey it has been so far. Packed with positive milestones, our timeline provides a glimpse of some of our achievements along the way https://www.employabilityuk.org/our-timeline/

Every single milestone contributing to ‘finding the seed of potential in every young person and helping to make it grow”

We are going from strength to strength.

Every day we are enhancing our extensive network of partnerships with the business community and education sector. We have a wealth of programmes and award-winning initiatives currently being delivered to more young people as well as designing bespoke platforms alongside our partners.

We are developing a plethora of creative legacy strands that give support longevity to young people in the long term. We blend good old-fashioned values and skill, with proven ideas, solid delivery, great people and embracing technology.

All of that said, our ambitions are even bigger and our commitment to truly making a difference drives those ambitions.

So, on our 5th Anniversary, we would like to take this perfect opportunity to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to every single person who has supported us on our journey so far. To every Member of Staff, every Supporter, every Volunteer, every Trustee and Patron both past and present.

Your help, your energy, your passion, your commitment and your precious time has not only carried us this far but has made such a lasting difference to the young people we work hard together to serve and support.

So, here is to every one of you. To every young person and to everyone who has been associated with EmployabilityUK. THANK YOU.

Here’s to the NEXT 5 EXCITING YEARS!