Volunteering Opportunities with EmployabilityUK

At EmployabilityUK, we believe “If lots of people do a little bit, imagine what we can achieve!”.  Di Vernon, CEO

EmployabilityUK (EUK) works with volunteers to deliver bespoke programmes to schools and other organisations to support young people helping to improve their confidence, aspirations and work-readiness. Our supporters bring valuable insight and experience and benefit by enhancing their own skills and get the personal satisfaction from helping others. We appreciate the support of all our volunteers and make every effort to ensure that they enjoy a rewarding experience.

Support for the charity

As a charity, we benefit enormously from practical help, support and expertise from individuals.

Whatever knowledge and experience you have, if you can spare a few hours each month, your support could save us a fortune. Whether you’re self-employed, working for a small or large organisation or are in between jobs/retired, you will have skills and knowledge we can use.

We may need the expert opinion or advice of a professional such as a solicitor or an accountant on occasions. We may need the help of someone with marketing experience to develop a small campaign or produce some materials. You don’t need to sign up to a long term commitment. Just tell us what you’d like to help us with and how often and we’ll be in touch when we need you.

Call us on 0345 601 5551 or click on Contact Us