How easy do you find it to express yourself clearly? Do you think you are a good communicator, can you get your point across and make a good impression on the people you speak to? Or do you find there are certain people and situations where it’s more difficult? What about one-to-one conversations, interviews, meetings, presentations, group discussions? Can you handle all those with ease and confidence? Are there certain types of people you always find it difficult to deal with?

Being able to communicate clearly and confidently, in a range of situations and with all sorts of people, is a key skill which will help you succeed in any area of work.

Our training will help you to:

  • Speak with impact in a variety of work-related situations
  • Recognise different communication styles – how they can cause problems and how to respond to them
  • Identify times when you may need to change your own style to communicate effectively to others
  • Understand, and use, the 3 elements of personal impact
  • Recognise the impact of non – verbal communication and know how to use it successfully

All the training we provide will be adapted to suit the needs of the group – we will agree the most appropriate length, content and delivery style to make sure participants get the maximum benefit.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Di Vernon on 0345 601 5551 or contact us.