We have devised a range of programmes with workshops that can help you or your team, students etc to:

• Recognise the areas where your lack of confidence is holding you back
• Identify your limiting beliefs and challenge them
• Spot the occasions when your doubts start to surface and find ways to deal with them
• Use practical techniques to develop your confidence long-term and also to give it a quick boost when it’s flagging
• Project confidence and assurance, even when that’s not how you’re feeling

All our workshops are bespoke, developed in consultation with you to ensure they meet all your needs. We adapt subject matter, materials and resources to suit and agree the most appropriate length, content and delivery style to make sure participants get the maximum benefit.

How confident do you feel? Are there times when you are held back by self-doubt? Do you sometimes have a nagging feeling that maybe you’re not cut out to succeed? When you think about trying something new, do you start to question whether it will work out? Would you like to feel more confident and self-assured, to have more self-belief?

If you recognise some of the challenges mentioned above, you’re not alone. Most people have times when they doubt their own abilities and their capacity to achieve what they want. For some people, it’s a temporary thing, for others it’s there all the time. They limit their goals, they don’t even try to do what they really want because they tell themselves it isn’t possible – at least not for them.

A major part of achieving any sort of success for yourself is to start thinking like a winner, challenging your assumptions about what you can and can’t do, developing the confidence to make ambitious plans and to overcome setbacks.

To discuss your requirements, please contact Di Vernon on 0345 601 5551 or contact us.