The A to Z of Super Confidence in PDF format


Written by top professional trainer, Alan Matthews, this A-Z provides hints and tips on how to make the most of your skills and achieve your ambitions.



Introducing EmployabilityUKs first book in a series designed to help you, your team or your students grab the advantage and really stand out from the crowd. It’s called the A-Z of Super Confidence.

Written by a top professional trainer, Alan Matthews, this A-Z provides hints and tips on how to make the most of your skills, increase your confidence and achieve your ambitions.

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About the book

Confidence is strange… sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t. Whatever you are like as a person, there will be times when you find yourself stressed, nervous or even just a bit apprehensive. Your confidence drops and you can find yourself feeling unsure, even scared!

We all know someone who appears confident and self-assured all the time. Does that person ever suffer like you? YES, of course, they do. Just because you don’t see the outward signs, doesn’t mean they are any better than you, any more confident than you or can cope with things any better than you do.

Lacking in confidence can result in you talking yourself out of doing things because you’ve told yourself you will fail or others may laugh at you. You may find you avoid situations, make excuses not to do things, tell people you don’t have time… Some people do this as a way to avoid having to try!

Do you recognise any of these signs in yourself? in others? If so, the A-Z of  Super Confidence could be the kick start you need. Packed full of great hints and tips on how to tackle certain situations, together with some really inspirational and uplifting quotes, it could be the answer to many of your confidence and motivation worries.

The A-Z is a light-hearted book with seriously useful messages that you can dip in and out of. You do not need to read it from cover to cover. It is a handy guide and would make a great gift for a student or someone you think might need a helping hand.