Mohammed Tuaha Fardin’s Experience on our Virtual Workshops

“An opportunity which must be taken!”

Mohammed Tuaha Fardin joined us in the summer of 2020 as an attendee on our Virtual Workshops. He was a valued and highly active participant who sought to genuinely improve himself in the free time afforded to him by lockdown.

What motivated you to sign up for the workshops?

During lockdown, the course gave me a way to use my free time effectively.

In what way do you think attending the workshops benefitted you the most?

The workshops have enabled me to better myself as an individual whilst also enabling me to develop new skills.

What did you do in your favourite workshop session?

Creating the resilience board was my favourite bit about the course. I had to design a boat staying afloat on the water and either side, there were statements which would positively or negatively affect the resilience boat.

Would you recommend EUK to others?

Definitely, yes!

What would you say to anyone thinking of participating in an EUK workshop?

Do it! Step out of your comfort zone if needed as the course will benefit you in so many ways!

How would you rate the workshops?

Five-Star Rating