Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

In May, we embraced Mental Health Awareness Week, a topic which, at EmployabilityUK, we feel is worth supporting, being educated in and ensuring is taken into account in all of our programmes. We strive to encourage young people to understand their own capabilities and to achieve their full potential,

Mental Health issues and a lack of confidence can often be a barrier to people achieving their goals and this is something which we take seriously. It is often those who are considered more ’employable’ who are encouraged, whilst those with greater needs are left with little support and essentially forgotten.

At EmployabilityUK, good Mental Health is a core value to us and we recognise that we can help to meet the additional needs of some of the young people we work with. It is important to us that they have the best support we are able to offer so that the seemingly daunting steps into the world of work can be taken with more ease. Aspects of mental health including anxiety, depression and phobias are more common than some people like to admit, and it is something which a simple conversation can often help with.

Led by our Senior Safeguarding Advisor, John Dooner, our coaches and mentors do an incredible job giving our young people a helping hand, guidance and above all, belief in themselves. They equip them with the tools and techniques to go on to achieve all which they aspire to. Feelings of being overwhelmed, a lack of confidence, not being able to speak up or believe in yourself are addressed in all of our programmes.

May and June are an important time of the year for any young person; Very often the challenges they face and the decisions which arise during this period are imperative to their future.

EmployabilityUK had an exciting and inspiring Spring with successful programmes being held up and down the country. Now, as we go in to the summer, we are delighted to introduce Inspiration Extra©, our brand new programme –  360̊ transformation in 360 minutes.

“We find the seed of potential in every young person and help to make it grow” – EmployabilityUK

This programme will:

Give professional advice, coaching, ideas, support and encouragement
Help young people to understand the various pathways to employment
Raise confidence and aspirations and improve communication and presentation skills
Give tips on helping individuals to have ‘self-belief’ and to ‘stand out from the crowd’

For details of our programmes, and how you can help make a difference to a young person’s life chances, call 0345 601 5551 or email: