The A-Z of Kickstart

The A-Z of Kickstart is part of our mission to raise awareness around the Kickstart scheme and the potential it has to transform the prospects of young people that currently lack direction and opportunity.

Each day, in the lead up to our virtual Q&A session, we’re publishing a letter from the booklet, where we look to break the scheme down in plain English. If we can catch the eye of just one professional that decides that the Kickstart scheme is right for them and their organisation with each post, it will have been worthwhile.

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The Kickstart scheme will help thousands of young people to embark on a new and rewarding career.

The Kickstart Scheme enables employers of all sizes to take on enthusiastic, aspirational young employees at no cost to themselves, spanning six months of full-time employment. During their placement, you can work with them to nurture their ambitions, improve their skills through on the job learning and demonstrate why they might aspire to continue working with you long into the future.

Boosting Confidence - The A-Z of Kickstart

The Kickstart scheme is designed to help those experiencing or at risk of long-term unemployment.

It does this by giving them high-quality opportunities with outstanding companies and the confidence to boost their career.

Collaboration - The A-Z of Kickstart

The Kickstart scheme is about much more than a work placement.

It enables organisations of all sizes to try something new through increased resources while giving candidates the experience and confidence to build a rewarding career.

EmployabilityUK will collaborate with you at every stage, from the initial application to providing the employability skills wraparound to exceed government targets.

The Department of Work and Pensions oversees the Kickstart scheme and provides the funding for each placement.

We’re delighted to be joined by a DWP representative at our virtual session on 26 March. They will be happy to provide additional guidance and answer any questions you may have about the scheme and how it can help your organisation.

The DWP wants candidates to emerge from their placements with far greater prospects than when they started with real, measurable skills.

As part of these requirements, they task employers with demonstrating key advancements in every young person’s employability skillset.

That’s just one area in which EmployabilityUK can help. With our track record of skills delivery programmes, a vast selection of mentors, speakers and other key individuals, and a passion for personal development in young people, we’d be delighted to become your Kickstart gateway provider.

The scheme is designed to make it as easy as possible for employers to deploy candidates in exciting, worthwhile roles.

Part of this includes an up-front payment that organisations can use on uniforms, technology, training, or anything else to ensure that their new hires become productive, engaged team members from day one.

The Kickstart scheme is open to businesses of all sizes, and if you can create a role for an enthusiastic young person, it’s a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved.

t all starts with the application process. If you have any questions about putting your organisation forward for the scheme or wish to utilise us as your Gateway Provider, we’d be delighted to help.

Fill in the form here to get the process underway, or contact us if you have any questions.

At a challenging time for jobseekers, the placements available through the scheme are highly sought after.

They represent a fantastic opportunity for organisations to not only boost their own operations but to harness the talents of young people that are out to impress.

The Kickstart scheme pays employees for 25 hours each week for six months, ensuring that any organisation can consider taking on someone new without worrying about budgetary constraints.

One of the best things about Kickstart for employers and young people alike is that it represents an opportunity on both sides for young people to learn what it’s like and what it takes in real, proactive businesses.

It’s a chance for organisations to encourage skills and opportunities that may exceed anything candidates thought may be out there for them and to get them ready for an outstanding career they may have never thought possible.

Jobcentre Plus plays an integral part in the Kickstart scheme.

They work with candidates that qualify for Kickstart placements to explore opportunities and find something suitable for their skills and ambitions.

For employers, this means you can benefit from a candidate pool filled with people with a genuine interest in your newly-created roles.
This is an opportunity not to be missed by anyone that seeks to contribute to upskilling new people. We can help with every stage of the process, from the initial application to ensuring that these candidates get as much as possible from their time working with you.

The Kickstart scheme identifies closely with what we seek to achieve as an organisation, and we are delighted to be an official Kickstart Gateway.

That means that we can support organisations of all sizes, from the initial application to recruiting enthusiastic new people, all while ensuring you exceed the government’s skills wraparound guidelines.

One of the most important aspects of being a Kickstart employer is providing training and experience to help to ensure that candidates are no longer at risk of long-term unemployment.

As part of our gateway provision, we will ensure that your Kickstart employees not only meet but exceed the government’s wraparound guidelines.

Kickstart jobs are more than just a six-month placement.

They’re a chance for employers and employees to work together to ensure that candidates are ready for a long-term career.

That’s achieved through a combination of insightful work experience with Kickstart companies and a wraparound of employability skills – which is an area in which we can help.

There are 300,000 placements currently planned through the scheme, and, crucially, that means 300,000 brand new roles for young people.

For employees, this means opportunities to contribute to companies and charities in new and exciting ways. It gives employers the chance to shore up the workforce in key areas or evolve their operations in new directions.

A key target of the scheme is to help those potentially facing long-term unemployment to tackle the issues that may prevent their access to work, education and training.

At EmployabilityUK, we seek to break down these barriers through instilling confidence and providing employability skills training, and we continue to do so as a Kickstart Gateway.

This scheme has the potential to change a young person’s life for the better, and we would be delighted to work with anyone considering making use of the scheme to help to make this happen.

EmployabilityUK thrives on working with others to improve young people’s prospects, and the Kickstart scheme represents an unprecedented opportunity for collaboration.

We’ll work with you as closely as necessary to ensure the best results from the scheme for your organisation and all of your placed candidates. This can start from the initial application, all the way through to ensuring that your candidates receive the support and training they need to set them up for their new career.

Questions and Answers - The A-Z of Kickstart

As you’ll have noticed from the letters that came before and our other Kickstart content, we’re incredibly passionate about the difference this scheme can make to young people across the country.

We do not want employers to miss out on a chance to expand their workforce and change someone’s life because they’re unsure about anything related to the scheme.

In addition to the EmployabilityUK team, you’ll have the opportunity to put any questions about the scheme to Jack Parsons, the UK’s Chief Youth Officer, plus a guest representative of the DWP at our virtual event on 26 March.

Reducing Long-Term Unemployment - The A-Z of Kickstart

Unemployment is a hot topic at the moment, but the Kickstart scheme is a chance for those at risk of long-term issues to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.

Employers can build confidence, skills and self-esteem, while the employability wraparound can combine a broader skillset with tailored support.

The Kickstart scheme represents an incredible opportunity to tackle a very real issue.

Support for Employers

Young people are the focus of the Kickstart scheme, but none of it would be possible without employers creating roles, inspiring confidence, and coming up with worthwhile tasks for the candidates they take on.

Our involvement can make the whole process easier. EmployabilityUK can take care of everything from the initial application to assisting with training employees beyond the levels required by the scheme, setting them up for long, fruitful careers.

Talking Kickstart

Our one-of-a-kind session gave prospective employers the opportunity to hear about what the skills wraparound entails, the benefits of working with a Kickstart Gateway such as EmployabilityUK, and how they can contribute to future successes of a young person.

You heard from our team, together with an incredible line-up of special guests, who were on hand to answer questions live on the session. See the latest on the event here.

Unique Opportunities

There has never been anything quite like the Kickstart scheme before. For employers with growth plans or looking to try something new, it can be invaluable.

Naturally, for young employees, there are new jobs out there that were simply not there before. In some cases, the placements themselves will be the start of a fulfilling new career. In every case, they’ll emerge from the experience with new skills and the confidence to work towards their dream role.

Value-Driven Placements

Another reason why we’re so passionate about the scheme is the value it brings to everyone involved.

For employers, they receive the benefit of enthusiastic, skilled young people joining their business and working to push themselves forward.

The two most significant barriers to taking on new hires are time and budget constraints. If you decide to partner with EmployabilityUK as your Kickstart Gateway, we can significantly cut down the hiring process’s time commitment. Employee wages, along with their National Insurance contributions, are covered by the government for the duration of each placement.

Wraparound SupportEveryone will agree that youth unemployment is a massively pressing issue. However, there is no universal approach to addressing it, as different people face different challenges.

One of the best ways to tackle it is through a personalised approach – identifying the challenges faced and using training, mentoring and other opportunities to overcome anything that stands between a young person and their dream career.

This is built into the Kickstart scheme through wraparound support. Employers are required to integrate this support into what they offer candidates.


Intentionally ambiguous, the x-factor can come from employers, employees, gateway partners or all three. There is so much more to the programme than six months of employment. This is an opportunity to be the x-factor in someone’s career or for them to change your business in ways you might never have considered before.

The Kickstart scheme is a massive project and one that is filled with opportunities for everyone involved.

Youth Unemployment The primary goal of the Kickstart scheme is to tackle youth unemployment – something EmployabilityUK has long advocated for. It is an almost risk-free opportunity for employers to try something new, while giving a young person the skills and confidence to build a career.

Whether they stay with you after six months or are prepared to move on, we will help to ensure they have everything they need to carve out an outstanding career.

Zeroing In

No matter the challenges faced or how their work ambitions have panned out previously, we will zero in on the needs of young people seeking to embark on a fulfilling career.

For employers, we offer a bespoke service, ensuring that all their candidates have every opportunity to shine and that they are fully prepared for the world of work.