How to Stay Positive and Motivated in a Second Lockdown

Stay Positive and Motivated in Lockdown

As we find ourselves in a second lockdown, you may be feeling a bit fed up. Things were finally starting to become a little bit more ‘normal’ – Zoom quizzes were a thing of the past, you were getting back to your regular routine, and you’d even got your jeans out of the wardrobe after months of wearing joggers. A second lockdown may seem scary, and it’s definitely something none of us would ever have wished for, but we made it through the first time, so we can get through this one too!

With the dark nights coming in and the cold days fast approaching, it’s important that we remember to look after our minds as well as our bodies. So, we’ve pulled together a few tips to help you stay positive and motivated throughout lockdown number two.

Set a Daily Routine

Try to stick as closely as possible to your usual routine. Get up just as early as you would if you were heading into school, college, university, or work – even if you’re not ‘in’ that day! This will keep your body clock ticking as usual and keep your brain in learning mode. Write yourself a to-do list first thing each day. Even if some days the list only consists of the basics – e.g. get up, have a shower, brush teeth, have breakfast etc. Schedule in walks, breaks and time away from your phone too, making sure you allow yourself time to switch off. This will help you plan your day and stick to it, and ticking things off your list will help you feel more motivated and productive!

Try New Things

Find a new hobby! Whether it’s baking, painting, yoga, running, or even learning a new language, a new skill will help you keep your mind occupied. Try to choose one that you know you’d like to keep up, giving you something to look forward to a few times a week. For example, finding joy in cooking! Some people find cooking helps them to relax and unwind – and this doesn’t just mean baking. You might find motivation in finding inventive new ways to make dinner for your family.

Keep in Touch With Loved Ones

Communication is always important, but especially in times like these. Stay connected with your friends, family and loved ones in any way that you can – phone, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype etc. Ask them how they are and talk to them about how you’re feeling! Get creative – letters aren’t a thing of the past just yet, and would be a nice surprise for a loved one to receive through the door. You could also ‘buddy up’ with a close friend and promise each other that you’ll both be 100% honest with each other about how you’re feeling – whether it’s a good day or a bad day. Keeping in touch will not only help you stay positive, but it will bring happiness and support to others too.

Get Some Fresh Air and Exercise

Whether it’s for a walk, a run or even to just sit on a bench, get outside and breathe in some fresh air. Fresh air helps to send lots of oxygen through your blood, enabling your lungs to work at full capacity. More oxygen to your brain = more brain power! If you are unable to go outside, open some windows or doors and let the fresh air in. You could also try some at-home workouts – there are lots of these available online, for example – The Body Coach’s YouTube videos.

Allow Yourself ‘Off’ Days!

Don’t put pressure on yourself to be productive all of the time – our minds are going through a lot right now. We all have our off days and that’s absolutely fine. Just make sure you promise yourself that tomorrow you’ll be up and back at it!

And finally, remember: You are not alone! We’re all in this together.