For The Education Sector

The Education Sector

Since 2014, we at EmployabilityUK have helped over 300 students and young people gain essential workplace skills with our award-winning job skills workshops and our business mentoring programme. Our individually tailored solutions cater for all ages, ability levels and curriculum areas, so you can be sure that you and your students will
be getting a programme that is right for you.

Job Skills Workshops

Covid can’t stop us. We know that a brighter job future awaits, and we’re preparing for it by bringing an even wider selection of online workshops.

Mentoring Programme

Give your young people a careers head start with support from one of our volunteer business mentors. All of our business mentors are successful business people from the local community who are eager to share their expertise and work-related skills, inspiring students and delivering life-changing results.

Our mentors teach how to:

  • Build CVs and complete job applications
  • Improve self-confidence and interpersonal skills
  • Identify networking opportunities and understand the various pathways to employment
  • Boost employability skills
  • Stand out from the crowd

Mentoring can be one-to-one or in groups, which is useful for those studying similar subjects. Meetings may take place at school, your youth organisation, the mentor’s workplace or even in a café or library. You will be responsible for ensuring your students maintain contact with their mentor every week throughout the programme, either by
meeting with their mentor, e-mailing or using Skype.

Students will be set a business task to complete and will be expected to deliver a presentation at the end of the programme. Students will also take part in at least one workplace visit, and they may even get work shadowing opportunities.

All of our programmes incorporate the Gatsby Benchmarks, which the Department of Education (DfE) expects schools and colleges to meet by the end of 2020.