For Businesses

For Businesses

Do you work in the West Midlands area? Would you and your business like to use your collective skills and knowledge to inspire the future local workforce?
Then join our network of area business people who have been helping to enhance the aspirations and career
prospects of our young people. We meet with you to understand your priorities and plans – then we design, develop and deliver a programme tailored to your needs.

Ways to get involved.

  • Mentoring. Give young people in schools, academies and colleges insight into the world of commerce either on a one-to-one basis or in groups. Meetings can take place at school, at the mentor’s workplace or in a mutually agreed location, e.g a café or library, via Skype or email. Mentees may get work-shadowing opportunities and may take part in a workplace visit.
  • Hosting workplace visits. Offer young people a feeling of what the world of work is really like. Visits can include tours, hands-on activities, presentations and a chance for the students to question employees.
  • Sponsoring EmployabilityUK. Help us to keep helping our young people. Sponsorship can serve as part of your corporate social responsibility programme; There’s also a range of branding and PR opportunities available, and some contributions to the charity may be offset against tax.

That’s not all. There’s plenty in it for you, too, from raising your public profile and gaining communication/presentation skills to attracting new talent. Employees are proud to work for an organisation that takes its community commitments seriously and is a great place to work.

Interested? Ring us on 0345 601 5551 or drop us a line at We’d love to hear from you!