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EmployabilityUK is excited to announce its’ first programme with Active Communities.

Active Communities is a new and exciting initiative, led by The Active Wellbeing Society, Birmingham City Council and Solihull Council, that aims to create innovative solutions to make it easier for people to access social and physical activity. This means working to find lots of opportunities to come together and to participate in creating happier and healthier lives in local communities as well as trying to learn more about the location-specific barriers faced by people when trying to get active.

EmployabilityUK is delivering bespoke workshops enhanced by one to one mentoring for young people aged 16-25. Our proven programme combines practical activities with motivational influence, group work as well as individual learning, expert advice with nurturing their vision for the future.

Daljit Ghai, Operations Director at EmployabilityUK said ‘We are proud to collaborate with Active Communities to blend the impressive ambitions of this initiative with raising the confidence, aspirations and employability skill levels of young people in Birmingham.’

Adam Warden, Workforce Manager at The Active Wellbeing Society commented ‘we are working closely with partners across Birmingham to increase engagement in physical activity and improve social cohesion. Our aim is to draw on the expertise of partners to help deliver on these aspirations. With jobs and skills identified as a key strand to our work, EmployabilityUK’s tailored approach is a great fit for us as we look to develop opportunities for communities we are working with.’

For more information please contact us at info@employabilityuk.org


The mission of EmployabilityUK is to facilitate employer engagement to enhance the aspirations, opportunities and career prospects of enthusiastic and committed young people.

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