Award-winning Employability Skills Programme enters it’s 5th year

We are proud to announce that EmployabilityUK in partnership with Coventry Building Society has launched its 5th year of delivering our employability programme to 11 schools in the Coventry area.

A further 200 plus students will benefit from a programme which will enhance their confidence and work readiness in 2020. The programme is delivered through EmployabilityUK in conjunction with volunteers from Coventry Building Society.

Sidney Stringer Academy is the latest school that we visited with over 100 year 12’s attending the student launch to hear about the programme and to make their applications. Sidney Stringer has been running this programme now for the last 4 years which in itself is a testament to the value it has to offer.

We were also joined by Arman Sharifi, a runner up in last year’s Student of the Year award, who is now in year 13 at Sidney Stringer. He has also just completed a very beneficial work experience day with Coventry Building Society. Arman spoke eloquently to the students about his experiences and the benefits he has gained by being on the programme last year.

EmployabilityUK CEO Di Vernon said “We are absolutely thrilled to further extend our partnership with Coventry Building Society in our joint commitment to enhancing the work readiness and increased confidence of young people.”